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Take the hassle out of moving your motorcycle by choosing MTL.

The high number of repeat clients, including both private and business, is testimony to our competent and helpful staff.  We are currently the preferred supplier for many motorcycle shops in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and other captials with a truck and 2 vans on the road each day. 

What happens when you’re ready to proceed?

Once booked in, MTL will give you a confirmation of expected pickup and delivery dates.  We call the contact name and number the business day before expected pickup and provide a 2 hour time slot for collection and the same applies at delivery.  At pickup, we conduct a visual inspection of the motorcycle which is noted on a consignment note and signed by the person at collection (please note some businesses and auction yards do not sign consignment notes).  We then take possession of the motorcycle, load it into our vehicle and strap it down.  It’s important to note that we do not strap from the handlebars so that we don’t place pressure on the forks.  We strap from the axle points/frame only.  We then provide delivery to your location or depot depending on the service you have chosen.  The delivery contact is asked to sign off on the consignment and then the motorbike is all yours…easy as that – well for you, lots goes on the background to get it to you but that’s our job!


MTL will move 1 bike 1km or 20 bikes 2000 kms, saving you time & money.

MTL can provide a fully enclosed motorcycle transport service.


MTL provides transport to race events, motorcycle auctions & show

MTL is the preferred service provider for insurance companies & is fully insured.

We provide…

– Roadside assistance (Greater Melbourne area)

– Insurance claim transportation (we charge the insurance company directly so you aren’t  out of pocket – you just provide us with your claim number)

– Motorcycle recovery

– Motorcycle storage

– Crating for Interstate and Overseas

– MTL provides an inspection service for prospective motorcycle buyers from Interstate or Overseas (not available in all areas)

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